What does re-keying do?

Re-keying a lock is to keep your same lock hardware but change the parts inside the lock (known as pins) so a different cut key will work and the old key(s) won’t. This is recommended for all new home or Business buyers or renters of any type of property because you just don’t know who may have a copy. And yes even brand new homes that have just been built also should have the locks re-keyed, Builders often re-key new locks so many different cut keys will work on them (Master Keyed) and then sometimes on top of that they have them construction keyed as well which they will tell you once you use the keys they give you little ball bearings will fall into traps in the lock cylinder which will make the construction keys no longer work. What they don’t know or won’t tell you is your lock is still master keyed and many different cut keys will still work your locks, this also reduces the security of your lock making it easy to pick open.

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